Time to sort out your subscriptions

Stay on top of your upcoming subscriptions and bills, track your recurring payments effortlessly.

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Track all recurring payments

Control your spendings

Nowadays we are all using several services daily - free and paid - while we all have bills to pay. What if you had a list with all these payments?

Category Simplicity iconSimplicity
Our aim is to list all your recurring payments in the nicest & cleanest way.
Category Customisable iconCustomisable
You can add your own services and even categorise them.
Category Awareness iconAwareness
We will notify you of any upcoming payments with our daily & weekly digests.
Category Plan iconPlan
Own your subscriptions and be aware of your upcoming payments.


Do you know how many subscriptions you are currently paying for? We are building a simple and easy interface for you to manage your subscriptions in one place.


In the dashboard you can see your upcoming payments for the next seven days, the average amount spending per month and more statistics about your subscriptions.

Upcoming payments
Active and expired subscriptions
Categories of subscriptions
Add Subscriptions

We made it super easy for you to add a new subscription, either choosing an already existing one or creating your very own.

Create your own subscription
Set the payment date
Choose the frequency of the payment
Your Subscriptions

All your subscriptions in one place. From there, you can edit/delete or even expire a subscription. Plus we can email you daily and weekly notifications of any upcoming payments.

Own your subscriptions
Daily & Weekly email digest
Edit or delete a subscription

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Available on the AppStore and Google Play Store. It’s time to take control of your books.